Update from the EGBD President

Dear Bowlers,
On 12 October, given the recent developments in the sector and with the relaxing of restrictions, our Delegates met at an Extraordinary meeting to once again discuss Pennant for the coming year, and decided that Saturday Pennant will commence on 7 November 2020 and Midweek Pennant will commence in the new year.
The draw for Saturday Pennant is being finalised, and will be published on the web page and distributed to clubs in the coming days.
The State events calendar is also being finalised, with the following events already confirmed:
Mixed Pairs
      • Paynesville
      • 31st Oct. and 1st Nov.

Mens & Ladies Novice Singles

      • Metung
      • 8th & 15th Nov.

Mens & Ladies  60+ Single

      • B’Dale GOLF
      • 10th & 17th Nov.

Mens & Ladies Triples

      • B’Dale GOLF
      • 8th & 15th Nov.
I note that we are also waiting for some Clubs to finalise their teams for this season and notify the EGBD Secretary.
I look forward to seeing you all on the greens in the coming weeks.
-Nigel Plunkett
EGBD President