Champion of Champions 2009/10

Winner Bart Place (Bairnsdale B.C) with EGBA President J. Watts.


2009/10 RVBA Singles Association. Champion

Brian Woodland (L)winner Bairnsdale B.C with Runner up John Thorpe (R) Paynesville B.C and EGBA President Jeff Watts after final. Brian played in the group 8 final 14th March and defeated Rohan Kelly 25 to 24 in a last end finish of 4 shots to Brian to win 25 to 24.In the Final he was defeated by P. Twyerould 7 to 28. A great achievement for a 71 year old as Brian would say.


 Division 1 EGBA Winners Lakes Entrance BC 2009/10



  Division 2 EGBA Pennant Winners Bruthen BC  2009/10


 EGBA Division 3 Pennant Winners  Metung BC 2009/10


EGBA Division 4 Pennant Winners Bruthen BC 2009/10

  RVBA Fours. Association Bairnsdale B.C winners with President EGBA J. Watts 2009/10.


 RVBA  Pairs. Association Winners 2009/10

P. Coulton, J. Snell RVBA Pairs and RVBA 60+ pairs. Association winners 2009/10. Lakes Entrance B.C


 RVBA Triples Association Winners 2009/10

J. Donaldson, A. Burness, B. Woodland with President EGBA J. Watts. Winners of RVBA Triples Association winners from Bairnsdale B.C