BPL Cup (BPL14) Preliminary Round

The BPL Cup is back in East Gippsland!

Win a trip to BPL14 National Finals to be played November 7- 11, 2021!

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 Postponed to:

Sunday 1st August 2021 – 9.00am start – Lindenow  Bowls Club

In 2020, there were 649 teams who played at 81 host venues with over 2000 participants.
The matches will be played in a two bowl triples format. The matches will consist of two sets of five ends with a one end tie-breaker if the sets are evenly split. One optional roll up end per match (for all players registered in a team).
To ensure quick play, there are to be no jack rolls – jacks are to be placed by the team that controls the mat. Ideally, there will be two jacks for each rink of play (one jack at each end).

Teams can consist of all male, all female or mixed teams, which makes the BPL Cup a purely open gender competition. All players within one team must be from the same club which is affiliated to your State and/or Territory Association.

Each team can consist of 3 or 4 players (if you nominate a 4th player they are effectively your sub, so players can interchange between games)

Please read the Conditions of Play below for details. You can register via Bowlslink by clicking on the link above.
Entry is $60 per team.
More information on the BPL Cup from Bowls Australia 
Conditions of Play are here:
Competitions Manual here:

2020 BPL Cup results here

2020 Lindenow BPL Section 1 Winners: 2020 Lindenow BPL Section 2 Winners:
‘Comfortably Numb” (M. Giddings, S. Hall & N. Plunkett) Bairnsdale ‘The Parkers’ (J. Watts, N. Deflice & C. Williams) Howitt Park
2020 Lindenow BPLSection 3 Winners:
A. Edwards, R. Barry. R. Cotton & S. Brill – Lindenow

Some photos from the 2020 BPL Cup round at Lindenow BC


Competitions Manual here:BPL-Cup-Competition-Manual-2021
Conditions of Play are here:BPL Cup-Conditions of Play 2021
More information on the BPL Cup from Bowls Australia