2020-21 EGBD Representative teams


Mens Team

Rink 1 B. Lancaster (s) P. Hardy W. Mason S. Davidson
Rink 2 A. Edwards (s) S. Brill S. Kiss S. Alleaume
Rink 3 S. Sroczynski (s) N. Watts R. Barry B. Montant

Emergencies:  R. McDonald, G. Robinson.

Ladies Team

Rink 1 J. Martin (s) M. Brandhoj J. Beesley L. Rosati
Rink 2 K. Chenney (s) R. Kellow M. Nathan S. Hall
Rink 3 M. Wyndham-Smith (s) N. Hamilton R. Sadovski C. Such

Emergency: V. Hardy

Details of the matches will be emailed to those selected in due course.

–          EGBD v NGBD – Saturday 20 March 2021 @ Sale BC

–          BV Region Sides Championships – Friday 30 April to Sunday 2 May 2021 @ Shepparton