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The East Gippsland Bowls Association was formed in 1956/1957.

The first president was C.E. Cardedge, of the Sale club, who was also the R.V.B.A.Councillor. The secretary was A.V. Ewert, also of the Sale club.

Prior to the formation of the E.G.B.A. the area from Drouin through to Orbost, including South Gippsland, was known as the Central Gippsland Bowls Association.

When E.G.B.A. was formed it included all clubs from Heyfield and Yarram to the New South Wales border.

In 1983 the clubs in the western portion of the association decided to leave the E.G.B-A. and form a new association being the N.G.B A., leaving the E.G.B.A. with 10 clubs – Bairnsdale, Bairnsdale Golf, Bruthen, Ensay, Lakes Entrance, Lindenow, Metung, Orbost, Paynesville and TamboValley. HowittPark entered the association in 1987. These 11 clubs remain today.

The membership in 1983 was 61, which has steadily increased to last year’s figure of 767.

Over the 50 years, the association has had six life members — K. Davidson (Stratford), J.N. Christenson (Yarram), D. Owen (Maffra), C.J. Sykes (Lakes Entrance), E.K. Gidley (Bairnsdale) and J.E. Johnston (Lindenow).

Since 1983 there have been 14 presidents, eight secretaries and three councillors – C.J. Sykes (four years) and E.K. Gidley (19 years), John Lewis replaced Keith Gidley, but says he can’t see himself in that position for that period of time.

The E.G.B.A. is one of the most compact and soundly based financial bowling associations in Victoria and looks forward to a bright and prosperous future.

In season 2010/2011 the RVBA and VLBA unified to become one bowling body called Bowls Victoria. The regional bodies were also requested to unify into one Division. So in 2010/2011 season the EGBA (East Gippsland Bowls Association Inc) and EGDLBA (East Gippsland District Ladies Bowls Association Inc) unified to become EGBD ( East Gippsland Bowls Division)                                                



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